Amy Crouse

I live in Kansas City, Missouri in a small and fabulous Midtown neighborhood full of creative people.  I'm married and have a stepdaughter who lives in Seattle.  One cat resides with us in our 107-year-old house, and while I'd like to think I'm in control, he is pretty much in charge.    

I enjoy shooting images anywhere and any time I have the opportunity.  While I generally enjoy being around people, you will seldom see them in my photos.  Many of my photos have been shot in the Southwest, which is one of my favorite places.  My subject matter varies, depending on what interests me or catches my eye.  Many times, I'm drawn to the lines and details of an object.  I consider some photos to be still life subjects, which are shot with little interference from me.  Others are abstract and might require some thought on the part of the viewer.  Regardless of the subject, my goal is to pull you into the story I'm attempting to tell, or to allow you to create one of your own.